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This excellent application may be used to examine the page size of any given URL, as its name suggests. It's like magic, and it can be used by anybody with access to the internet to figure out how big a website is.

Users have little tolerance to wait for web pages to load, so if your site takes longer than usual to load, you may want to consider reducing its size to improve loading times and reduce the likelihood of a high bounce rate. It is expected that the typical brief web page size would be about 12 kilobytes, which will load relatively quickly.

A page's size and loading time will increase proportionally with the number and variety of media elements it contains. The size of a page will rise if it contains media like videos, photographs, music, graphics, flash, and so on. In the beginning, it is crucial for the success and smooth running of your website that you know the size of your website, but how can you find out the whole size of a website? Here, a page size checker or inspector is a helpful tool.