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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

In order to provide search engines and people with online content that loads quickly and is simple to use, you should analyse your site's speed performance, identify bottlenecks, and address them.

The results of a Website Speed Insights test are broken down by device type, including information, diagnostics, and ideas for how your page may be optimised for faster loading times across all devices.

A doughnut chart summarising the page's performance and a snapshot of the final rendering on desktop and mobile devices come first in the report, with more, more specific information following.

Lighthouse is used to gather and evaluate laboratory data about the page to get this score.

Fast is defined as a score of 90 or more, normal as 50 to 89, and slow as below 50.

For each piece of field data, the pagespeed score assigns it to one of three categories: quick, average, or sluggish.