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About Server Status Checker

Check a website's availability with the aid of our HTTP Server status codes testing utility. Each time your browser makes a request for a website, it receives a status code in response. If there is a problem, the browser will display an error message, together with the code it received (for example, "Something isn't correct coupled with error code e.g. 404").

Regularly checking the server health of your websites is a must whether you're a webmaster or search engine optimizer. Small SEO Tools provides a free server status checking service. Get your single or many URLs tested without cost.

You may use the testing tool with up to a hundred different URLs. Each server status code indicates a somewhat different thing, and the test tool will show you all of them on a separate line if you want to see the ones your browser doesn't show you. The following is a list of the various HTTP response codes and what they indicate for a server: