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Each search engine has its own unique crawler that is programmed to perform specific tasks according to a predetermined set of rules. Sites are ranked by search engines based on the information indexed by these crawlers. It's easy to see the crawler's track.

In addition to the content, it examines the site's Meta Data, such as the meta title, meta description tag, H1 tag, slug, and alt tag. It creeps up on them and examines them thoroughly. The crawler will check the meta tags to see if the site's primary keyword is used there. If the crawler notices that your site's Meta Data is either too short, too long or missing a term, it will alert the search engine, which will have a negative impact on your SERP rankings.

The Meta Tags Analyzer Tool from seotools examines all of the meta data for the domain you specify and immediately returns a list of any mistakes it finds. If you fix the flaws that were detected, your site should rise in the search engine results pages.